Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese—What Mandarin Chinese Is And Why You DON'T NEED To Learn All Characters (And Not Even A Lot Of Them!)

What is Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is the main dialect spoken in China, originally spoken in the area around Beijing but since 1955 adopted as official language of the People's Republic of China.

In China are spoken a lot of different dialects. Among them there are Cantonese (spoken for example in Hong Kong) and Taiwanese.

Here at WearYourChineseName™ we strictly adhere to the official, standard Beijing pronunciation.

Interestingly, the writing system (Chinese characters) is the same for all China, no matter which dialect is spoken; so the term Mandarin (and Cantonese, Taiwanese, etc.) refers only to the spoken language.

The Secret to Learn Mandarin Chinese Fast!

With its over 50,000 different characters, Chinese language maybe intimidates you! But here at you learn Mandarin Chinese fast for one simple reason:

You start learning from the most frequently used words and characters!

Character and word frequencies are useful information for Chinese language learning and instruction. Are you not curious about how many characters you should learn in order to master Mandarin Chinese? We were! And discovered that if you learn only the most commonly used 152 Chinese characters, you'll know 50% of all Chinese language usage.

We developed the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course that with its 360 lessons can help you master 89% of all Chinese language usage. With the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course you focus your attention on the 1,000 most commonly used characters saving time and effort.

It's a fact: if you want to learn Mandarin Chinese the fastest way, you need to focus on the most frequently used words that you find here. My promise: you'll learn fast Mandarin Chinese!

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you! - By Giuseppe Romanazzi
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