1 Most Used Character

Top 1 Most Frequently Used Chinese Character Making Up 4% of All the Spoken and Written Chinese Language!

This is the first of four pages about Chinese characters' appearance frequency.

Page 1:
The #1 Winner Character!

In all languages a relatively few words are spoken (and written) much more frequently than others.

What about Chinese language? The following character is the #1 most frequently used one, making up 4% of all spoken and written Chinese language:

The #1 Winner Character!

appearance score: # 1
frequency: 4.0943253%

In other words, whatever you read or say in Chinese, every 100 characters you find this one 4 times!

If you want to know its meaning and learn how to use it, I suggest you start from Lesson 1 of the "1,000 Chinese Characters" FREE Daily Course - click here for the course.

Thank you!

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