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Pronunciation (pinyin and MP3 files);

Image format;

Chinese text format;

Number of strokes;

Order of stokes animation;

Simplified Chinese version;

Traditional Chinese version.

Meaning: The Chinese characters used to translate a Western name are chosen not for their meaning. They are chosen because they sound as the Western name. So, Western names translated with Chinese characters take the meaning of each used character. The accurate list of meanings that you find in the following pages makes clear what comes to a Chinese girl's mind when she listens to and reads your Chinese name.

Pronunciation: Since the shape of Chinese characters doesn't give you any indication about their exact pronunciation, we have linked each Chinese name to audio files (MP3) with the pronunciation of each character.

Image format: Just in case your browser is not configured to display Chinese characters, every Chinese character has been transformed into an image...

Chinese text format: ... but if your browser IS configured to display Chinese character, you will see also the text format of your name - and will be able to make it bigger and smaller by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons!

Number of strokes: It's the number of stokes componing each Chinese character of your name.

Order of stokes animation: When you write a Chinese character, you need to follow a definite strokes order. This animation shows the correct strokes order for each character.

Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese version: In 1964 the People's Republic of China made a sort of lifting to around 2300 characters, giving them a new face. The old version of those characters is called traditional Chinese, the new version is the simplified Chinese. WearYourChineseName provides you with both the simplified and the traditional Chinese version of your name.

Now, you too can fully understand why we're so confident in saying that this collection of Chinese names is NOT just a list of Chinese names. You find absolutely everything about hundreds of Chinese names!

Please start searching for your name from the list below.

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