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Learn To Speak Chinese—She Wanted To Learn To Speak Chinese, Just Like You, But She Had A Problem, A Problem With Tones and Pronunciation!

I'm going to tell you what really happened to her. You see, we're not Chinese—and our mother tongue is not a tonal language.

In languages that are not tonal, such as English, a change in pitch may be used, for example, for sense stress, as a means of indicating size, distance, that a question is being asked or to express excitement, enthusiasm, sorrow or anxiety.

But in a tonal language, such as Chinese, changing the pitch may change the meaning of a word!

So what happened to our learner making her hate tones?

She just wanted to greet someone with a warm:

"Nǐ hǎo!" (Hello!)

What she really said, however, was:

"Niào!" (Urinate!)

If you choose to learn Chinese with my help, I don't guarantee you won't make the same mistake ;-)

But I do guarantee that I'll listen your recordings until your pronunciation is perfect!

With the '1,000 Chinese Characters' Daily Course you'll also save time by learning only what is most commonly used in Chinese.

At WearYourChineseName.com you learn to speak Chinese focusing on the words that are most useful and avoiding to waste your time with something you'd never use again! So, if you want to learn to speak Chinese with my help, click here.

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you!

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