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So, it seems that Learning Mandarin is your goal. Do you know what happened when I started to learn Mandarin? Read this page for the answer and discover the "Stress Free and Headache Free Lessons for Learning Mandarin!"

Why so much emphasis to words like "stress" and "headache" in relation to the learning of Mandarin? Because, you see, I don't want you suffer what I did when I started to learn Mandarin.

Do you know what happened?

I started to go bald :-(

It might be pure coincidence, maybe it was just the time for hereditary factors to go into action... but I'm sure of one thing:

  • learning Mandarin has been, in my case and in the case of the vast majority of Western student, a very stressful experience!

That's why I decided to create the stress free and headache free Mandarin course you find at the WearYourChineseName Website. From the first lesson to the end, I want you always feel "How simple is to learn Mandarin!"

The #1 BENEFIT my students appreciate most is related to the way pinyin is used to help recognize Chinese characters. Let's take as an example the Chinese sentence meaning "How are you?" and compare the method used by ordinary text-books with the method used by the Mandarin course at WearYourChineseName.com:

Below you can see how text-books use both pin-yin and characters.


So what's wrong here? Well, the problem is that when we have to read a text with both characters and pin-yin, we read ONLY pin-yin!

What's the result? When the text-book quits using pin-yin (or when we read something in the real world), then we are all of a sudden completely lost.

On the contrary, the sentence mentioned above, in the course looks like the following:


Only characters? NO!

Pin-yin is still there ready to help you! Just roll the mouse pointer over any character and its pin-yin would appear!

Another GREAT BENEFIT my student appreciate is related to how all dialogues are made. They are stress free and headache free because they are progressively composed only of words and characters already introduced and studied in the previous lessons.

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you!

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