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Discover the '1-6-152-1,000' Secret!

This section is dedicated to Chinese characters' percentage usage. In the following pages you're going to discover the most commonly used Chinese characters, that is the top #1 (4% of all Chinese language usage), the top 6 characters (10% usage), the top 152 characters (50% usage), and the top 1,000 characters (89% usage).

Anyway, you will not find much here about how to use them. If you need to learn Chinese starting from the most commonly used characters, please click here for the 360 FREE lessons of the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course.

'1-6-152-1,000' Secret!

The #1 Winner Character!

The 6 Most Used Characters

The 152 Most Used Characters

All 1,000 Most Used Characters

Translation Examples

In the following translation examples, all Chinese characters belonging to the list of the 1,000 most frequently used are highlighted in yellow.


Birds Heaven

God Provides



Four Aspects



Lovers of God



Sweet Fragrance

Balanced View

Way of Holiness

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