6 Most Used Characters

Top 6 Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters Making Up 10% of All the Spoken and Written Chinese Language!

This is the second of four pages about Chinese characters' appearance frequency.

Page 2:
The 6 Most Used Characters

The following characters are the 6 most frequently used ones, making up 10% of all spoken and written Chinese language:

The #1 Winner Character!

appearance score: # 1
frequency: 4.0943253%

The #2 Character!

appearance score: # 2
frequency: 1.5765677%

The #3 Character!

appearance score: # 3
frequency: 1.3516463%

The #4 Character!

appearance score: # 4
frequency: 1.1565212%

The #5 Character!

appearance score: # 5
frequency: 1.0999916%

The #6 Character!

appearance score: # 6
frequency: 1,0383148%

In other words, whatever you read or say in Chinese, every 100 characters you find them 10 times!

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Thank you!

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