Chinese or Mandarin

Chinese or Mandarin - What's the Difference? (If Any!)

Strictly speaking, the terms "Chinese" and "Mandarin" have a different meaning. Infact, Mandarin is just one of the Chinese dialects spoken in China, actually the most spoken and the official language of the People's Republic of China. That's why often the term "Chinese" is a synonym of "Mandarin".

Here at WearYourChineseNameTM we strictly adhere to the official, standard Beijing pronunciation, that is to Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Interestingly, the term "Mandarin Chinese" refers only to the spoken language. The Chinese characters used to write are the same no matter which dialect is used to read them.

Here at you learn Mandarin Chinese starting from the most frequently used words and characters. We discovered that if you learn only the most commonly used 152 (out of 50,000) Chinese characters, you'll know 50% of all Chinese language usage! And if you know the 1,000 most commonly used ones, you'll know 89% of all spoken and written Chinese!

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