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Today's Chinese character:

Today's character can be used as an adjective ...and... as a noun ...and... as a verb ...and... as a preposition ...and... as a measure word ...and... as a conjunction ...and has five different pronunciations! But relax, today you're only going to learn how to use it as a conjunction.

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And, together with

Description and Examples

Dialogue 16


Article 1: 我爱他们



爸爸 + 妈妈 + 哥哥 + 姐姐 + 弟弟 + 妹妹

Another strange symbol! "、" is a punctuation mark used between parallel words or short phrases to set off items in a series. It marks a pause milder than a comma.

Sentence Structure 19
The Conjunction “和”

The conjunction is generally used to connect only nouns or pronouns. Don't use it to connect phrases.


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Lesson 25 of 360

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