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Today's Chinese characters:


Do they speak too fast? Just tell them ?(Can you speak more slowly?)

With this last sentence you have got a "survival kit" that for sure can help you.

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[measure word] Indicates a tiny amount, a little, a bit, some
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Place, point (in this lesson, is not used with these meanings)
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Nonsyllabic final "r" added to a word in spoken Chinese, also called erhua or erization
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Child, son ( is not used this way in this lesson)

Description and Examples

How to and when read 儿 as 'r'

This is a feature, called erhua or erization, of Standard Mandarin Chinese.

When an erization occurs, is not pronounced as "ér" (an exception might be its pronunciation in lyrics for balance or euphony). It is just a phonetic notation suffix to indicate that the pronunciation of the preceding character must be changed by adding a final "r" sound.

For example, the pronunciation of is not "diǎn ér" but "diǎnr".

How do you know when is to be read "ér" and when not? Sadly, you cannot know if you don't first memorize which words are made of the suffix .

Just for you to know, despite being a rule of Standard Mandarin, in the south of China (including Shanghai) it is definitely unknown or completely ignored. It seems that a lot of people really don't like it!

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