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Today you will learn how to build your vocabulary by just asking your Chinese friends: ⋯中文怎么?(How to say ... in Chinese?)

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Characters' Essentials

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Use, employ
Character Help
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How, why
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[affix] Suffix used in interrogatives, pronouns and adverbs

Description and Examples

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zěn   me   
Meaning Help
-[interrogative pronoun] How
-[pronoun] Indicating the nature, condition, and manner in general
-[pronoun] Used in the negative to indicate inadequacy

Before asking "中文怎么?" you need to:

  • Say something in English of which you want the Chinese translation, for example: “U.S.A.”中文怎么
  • Take an object, and showing it ask 中文怎么
  • Point or tap something and ask 中文怎么

How to ask questions—Part 3
With “怎么

The pronoun 怎么 is used to ask about 1) a way or manner, 2) a state of affairs, or 3) a cause or reason.

Examples of asking about a way or manner.

“three thousand and five”汉语怎么

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Lesson 13 of 360

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