Learn Chinese Grammar Lesson 4

This is the fourth of five free lessons about Chinese language grammar.

Lesson 4:
Ask Questions 4

Ask Questions 4

In this lesson you are going to learn how to use the expression “…, 好吗?” (..., hǎo ma?).

The expression 好吗 (hǎo ma) is a way, a very polite way, of soliciting an opinion from the person you are talking to after making a proposal.

It might be translated as: is it all right for you?

The first part of the question is a declarative sentence, while 好吗 is placed at the end.

Declarative sentence + 好吗?


I turn on the TV.

Iturn onTV

Is it all right if I turn on the TV?

Iturn onTVall right

If you have any doubt or question, please feel free to ask, 好吗?

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