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Do you want to learn Chinese language? Well, our promise is: "You'll learn Chinese language fast!"

We are sure about that, because when you learn Chinese language with us you learn first what is most commonly spoken and written—and don't waste time with things you'd never use again!

It's just that simple.

Furthermore, you'll learn first what you like most. Click, please, on Giuseppe Romanazzi's face at the top of this page. On this website, you'll learn, for example, about:

Read/Write Characters;




Learn to Read and Write Characters

While some people love Chinese characters, other people hate them! Well, we have good news for both.

The online Chinese course that you find at has a feature called "Pin-Yin Behind Characters" that has been welcomed entusiastically by both groups of people.

From the very first lesson what you normally see are only characters, BUT if you simply roll the mouse pointer over any character... look! pin-yin comes to your rescue!

That way, pin-yin don't distract you, but help you learn Chinese characters.

Learn to Pronounce Chinese Language Tones

Your ears and tongue need to be educated to distinguish and pronounce not only the 4 + 1 (neutral) Chinese tones, but also all the possible 20 combinations of tones.

A lot of MP3 files and examples are ready for you.

Learn Chinese Language Grammar

In our Chinese Course, the approach to Chinese grammar helps you "think Chinese". We even encourage you to form sentences using English words into Chinese language structures!

All Chinese grammar rules we could think of are included, from basic rules to advanced rules.

Learn Useful Everyday Conversational Chinese

At, conversations recorded on MP3 files and written with both characters and pin-yin encompass communicative functions such as:


"Making an Acquaintance";

"Making an Inquiry";


"Making an Appointment";














"To See a Doctor";

"To Pay a Visit";


"To Give a Farewell Dinner";


"To See Someone Off"

So, since you want to learn Chinese language, start now with the free lessons and be sure that "You'll learn Chinese language fast!" focusing on the most frequently used Chinese words and characters—click here for the 360 FREE lessons. is not the only website where you can learn Chinese language, but the question is: why should you waste your time with things you'd never use again?

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you! - By Giuseppe Romanazzi
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