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Do you want to learn Chinese language in one year? Don't just dream about it! Start now to learn Chinese language and, with a bit of work and by putting insider learning secrets to work for you, you will join other common people who learned Chinese as second, third, fourth - or even more - language, a fast result you never thought could be a reality!

Do you know what is the biggest mistake a lot of people make that let them lose time and energy learning Chinese language? They learn AT RANDOM a lot of Chinese words and characters that they would never use again.

With our lessons you're not going to make the same mistake!

All lessons are based on the most commonly used Chinese words and characters, so that learning only 152 characters you'd learn 50% of all spoken and written Chinese language! - Click here for the list of the most commonly used characters -

The WearYourChineseName.com site is just what you're looking for if you want to give a solid foundation to your Chinese language learning. And after just one visit to WearYourChineseName.com, you'll learn all you need to know to get started reading, writing and speaking Chinese.

WearYourChineseName and Giuseppe Romanazzi want to bring you all the knowledge you need to make your Chinese perfect. Giuseppe is now a well-known teacher, famous both online and offline, and wants to share his knowledge of Chinese language. Each daily lesson of his Chinese language course you study will bring you that much closer to communicating efficiently in Chinese.

From learning how to use each character to understanding the importance of a correct pronunciation, you'll be equipped with the information you need to be a Chinese learning success story.

If you're ready to soak up all the knowledge that made Giuseppe Romanazzi a skilled translator, interpreter and teacher, visit WearYourChineseName.com to begin your own journey toward being a valued Chinese speaking foreigner.

Anyway, you need not only learn by heart a few phrases, you need to understand all details about the whys and hows of Chinese grammar.

Some of the many rules you'll learn once you put your trust in Giuseppe include:

  • Four basic methods to ask questions.

  • Discover how common are nominal and adjectival predicate sentences.

  • The powerful complement of result.

  • The intriguing potential complement.

  • The complement of degree.

  • All different forms of comparison!

But, again, the most important benefit is that all lessons are based on the most commonly used Chinese words and characters.

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you!

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