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When you decided to learn to understand Chinese, you may have wondered "How many Chinese words do I need to know to understand Chinese?" or "What Chinese words do I need to know to understand Chinese?"

"All" is NOT the right answer.

If you don't know which words or characters are most frequently used, you may spend your time and energy with less important words or characters—maybe a big number of them!

In all languages, a few words are used far more often than all the other words. That is true also for Chinese language.

It has been scientifically demonstrated by universities, scolars and government-sponsored or indipendent institutions that only a relatively few number of words and characters make up a big percentage of all spoken and written Chinese language.

What did they do to demonstrate it?

First, they collected huge quantities of material in Chinese language, including websites, books, fictions scripts, news articles, newsletters, magazines, etc., covering subject fields such as informative computer science, economics, education, government, health, history, law, military, news, philosophy, politics, popular science, religion, imaginative general fiction, children, detective, drama, history, Kongfu or martial arts, military, prose, literary review and science fiction.

Second, all texts were digitized and made ready to be processed by special computer software.

Third, they segmented, identified and counted each different character, word and/or bigram.

Fourth, they compiled a character and word frequency list, the one you find at the website wearyourchinesename.com.

How can it all help you?

Now you can know exactly what Chinese words and characters are the most used and start learning to understand Chinese from them!

That is great information. Just think of how big is the total number of Chinese characters: 50,000! Well, if you learn only 152 selected characters, those most used, you would already know 50% of all Chinese language usage!

The Chinese Lessons you get from WearYourChineseName.com let you learn smart by focusing on the most frequently used words and characters.

Our exhortation is: "Learn to Understand Chinese Saving Time and Efforts!" "Learn to Understand Chinese Starting From The Most Common Words!" "Learn to Understand Chinese Online At WearYourChineseName!"

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you!

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