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Chinese Teacher—Are You Looking For A Chinese Teacher? Good News For You: I'm Not Chinese, I Had To Learn Chinese Just Like You Want To Do Now.

Chances are that you start from zero just like I did. The fact that I'm not Chinese is a good news because I know what learning Chinese really means. My Chinese friends have never faced the same difficulties and obstacles!

As I use to tell to my students, between western languages and Chinese language there's a "great wall" of difference.

I have already climbed over that wall and now I'm on your side again to climb it together with you. Our Chinese friends have never been on our side of the wall!

Tip 1 From Your Chinese Teacher

In Beijing, I didn't take long to realize that memorize characters is... difficult—and here I'm sure there's not even a hint of surprise on your part!

At that time I even had nightmares of Chinese characters assaulting and trying to eat me!

I was good at my job, spent a lot of time writing again and again a lot of words, always testing my ability to remember and read them.

I even made my own multicolored flashcards (I still have bags full of those flashcards—nice memories).

But you know what? Only a relatively few of them have been really very useful. If I'd have concentrated first my attention on those few words, I'd have had better results sooner.

It's a matter of priority.

Furthermore, the motto "use it or lose it" is absolutely true. If you don't use again soon or find again soon a word that you've just studied, you simply forget it!

With my help you're not going to waste your time with Chinese words and characters that are not commonly used.

You WILL HAVE TO learn more words and characters, but why learn them now if, chances are, you're not going to use them again soon?

So, you've found your Chinese teacher! With my help you're not going to waste your time with Chinese words and characters that are not commonly used. Click here to start now!

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you! - By Giuseppe Romanazzi
Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD
Shanghai, China
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