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What's the "Shortened Chinese Characters Alphabet"? The "Shortened Chinese Characters Alphabet" is the Selection of the Most Used 1,000 Characters out of All the Chinese Characters Alphabet (50,000 Characters), Making Up More Than 89% Of All Chinese Language Usage!

Let's admit the evidence of the facts: NO ONE can learn 50,000 characters (the complete Chinese characters alphabet) in one year—for the vast majority of us, not even in our WHOLE LIFE!

What EVERYBODY CAN learn in one year, and for FREE now with our 360 lessons, is the selection of 1,000 most used Chinese characters that you find clicking here. is your ultimate source for everything you need to learn to read, write and speak Chinese as you've only dreamed to.

Here are just some of the tips you can find at

How to use the ONE most common Chinese character—learn this single character, yes, just one character, and your reading ability will suddenly raise to 4% of all written Chinese!

Which 151 more Chinese characters can increase your knowledge to 50% of all modern Chinese usage;

The best way to learn to read characters, not pinyin! (but with pinyin just behind the character, ready to help)

And don't forget all those valuable grammar points that will make Chinese sentences understandable—at last!

"Measure word" Chinese characters.

Special and ordinary characters—as well structures—used to ask questions.

Once you put all these language points to work for you, you'll watch your understanding power grow in the first month alone by up to 18.4% of all Chinese usage. Just think how much you'll be learning in just one year! provides you with the information and methods you need to reach your goal.

So, our counsel is: don't waste time with THE WHOLE Chinese Characters Alphabet, start from the "SHORTENED Chinese Characters Alphabet", composed of only 1,000 selected characters that make up 89% of all Chinese language usage. You can find the "Shortened Chinese Characters Alphabet" here. Once there, you'll find everything you need to grow in knowledge and learn to read, write and speak Chinese.

I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Thank you! - By Giuseppe Romanazzi
Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD
Shanghai, China
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